Ellen and Joshua play Bubble Soccer

Try to bend it like Beckham during bubble soccer, the final frontier of football

The idea might be to score goals but one of the joys in Bubble Soccer must be in sending opponents flying.

It’s the newest fun “sport” heading to our shores and you can see a demonstration of Bubble Soccer tomorrow at the Pittwater RSL Open Day.

It’s one of a number of activities going on at the biggest business in Pittwater tomorrow.

“The last time we did something like the Open Day it was a few years ago and it was a fete,” Pittwater RSL CEO Paul Crowley said. “This is special for us.”

When Mr Crowley discovered the Federal Election had been called the same day of the club’s Open Day he said “Oh well, we’ll do it anyway.”

In fact, he felt the Open Day might make a pleasant escape from the demands of voting.

“There will be a bit of everything at the Open Day,” he said. “But we’re not just throwing open the doors and showing what we have to offer. We’re also showing what we offer the community.”

Recently, the club raised $20,000 for the Children’s Ward at Mona Vale Hospital.

Tomorrow you can expect sporting demonstrations, the Monoxide Circus workshop for those interested in learning circus tricks, musical entertainment, prize draws, meal specials, kids shows, and wine tasting.

“Plus, there will be a $1000 cash giveaway taking place every hour, on-the-hour, from 1pm to 8pm,” Mr Crowley said.

The bubble suits are being imported by the REN Education Centre, a charity based in Castle Hill, from China.

There will be a Bubble Soccer Tournament as part of Mental Health Week in this part of Sydney next month.

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