The Bachelor S3-Ep5 - Bubble Soccer

The Bachelor Australia

Tension is rising in the Bachelorette Mansion. Glances are flung, voices are raised, and competitive spirits are reaching boiling point. This week the girls leave their competitive energy on the field – the bubble soccer field, to be precise.

It’s a group date like no other. A special football event. It’s wo-mano a wo-mano as Green clashes with Gold in the inaugural Bachelorette Bubble Brawl to be Bachie’s Beloved.

Stakes are high. The winners get extra time with the referee (a.k.a. Sam Wood). The losers go back to the training ground. It’s game on.

The Bachelor AU Playing Bubble Soccer

The Bachelor - Green Team

Bubble Soccer Australia together with Bubble Soccer Sydney were proud to host the Bachelor and Bachelorettes at Sydney Olympic park to play a round of Bubble Soccer.

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